January 9: Where is God?

Let’s begin this morning’s thought by stating that in this day, you will hear all types of people asking, where is God? Or saying God is here, God is there. God is always with those who believe there is no need to run somewhere else to find God.  God is in the heart, soul, and body of the believer. The only need is the total surrendering of our hearts; our spirit, our soul, mind, and emotions to the very will of God.

Following after a new thing or the newest fad IS NOT the answer. We all want to know God and desire for God to become real in our lives. We must search for God in the same way all who have found Him did in the past! When you search for God His way, you will find Him. It is not a hidden secret.

Great men of God in the past and today have always found God when they searched for Him with ALL their body; mind, spirit, and soul. The question is, how determined are you to find God? Find time to be alone, just you and God. Communication is a key to finding God’s love. God is NOT showing up in new ways. He still works in mankind the same today as He did 2000 years ago. GOD does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Everything we need comes from God; salvation through Jesus Christ, revelation of the Bible distributed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Gospel is still the same, and we receive salvation and eternal life through believing in Jesus Christ; repenting and turning from our wicked, sinful ways.  Again, let me say, there is only one way to God and for Eternal Life and that is believing in Christ Jesus, His death, burial and resurrection; His sacrifice and shed blood that washes away the sin to who will believe and receive. There is no other way to God.  God’s plan for mankind on this earth is finished until Jesus returns to gather up His “church”. God’s plan was and is given through the born- again experience. The Bible states this and the only ones that have found God was through the blood of Jesus. God’s Word has been proven time and time again; through prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors, and teachers alike.

There is NO NEW WAY that you receive Salvation and can go to Heaven. There is NO new way to receive Gods best for you. The best for you includes the best for all believers. The only way to God is through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the born-again experience. As the Bible states, after you believe, you are to receive the infilling of His Spirit, which is the Holy Spirit, and this is God’s best for you. This Baptism of the Holy Spirit, you might say, is the way, is the avenue or can be considered the process that allows the Holy Spirit to flow through a pure and holy vessel. The Holy Spirit gives us that peace and assurance to be a living testimony and witness of Christ in us.  The Holy Spirit distributes the very gifts of God, His Spirit at the Holy Spirits discretion.

There will be troubles and tribulations here on earth as long as we live. What makes the difference is who we put our faith and trust in knowing that Christ in us is the hope of glory. When man earnestly SEEKS GOD for himself, He will find Him; for it will take prayer and (revelation) that of understanding God’s Word to bring it too past. Yes, the Holy Spirit is our helper, bringing us to God in all that He does in our lives. Revelation will come through the working of the Holy Spirit in us and through us.

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