January 20: The Shepherd and the Sheep

In today’s thoughts, I would like to share a poem written by my wife.

The Lord is my Shepherd, and I, His Sheep.
He promised to never leave me, for I am His to keep.

He is my protector, my guide and my friend,
His Love is everlasting, and will never end.

When I am hungry, in green pastures I feed.
When I am thirsty, to calm waters He leads.

The Shepherd had business, in a faraway land,
So a keeper was hired, to watch and stand.

Soon the keeper became weary, of watching the sheep,
He relaxed and slumbered, and soon fell asleep.
The sheep became hungry, but there was no pasture land.
The little lambs were thirsty, but all they found was sand.

They became weary; they didn’t know what to do,
Some tried to wake the keeper, but in anger he blew.

With his Rod the sheep were beaten, some staggered and fell,
The keeper was un-loving, but who could they tell?

He lashed out in anger, and said the sheep were bad,
Many left the fold crying, they were very sad.

The fold had always been a place of safety, for many of the sheep,
But the keeper was slothful and again fell asleep.

Soon the fold was empty; most of the flock was gone.
What would the Shepherd say, when He returned home?

One day there was a knock at the entrance of the fold.
It was the Good Shepherd; He had returned home.

At first, He was joyous, as he entered the fold.
His heart had been aching, the littlest lamb to hold.

He was suddenly saddened, at what he found.
The littlest lamb lay lifeless, on the ground.

With tears of sadness, He bent and picked the lamb up.
In His hand He held, life giving water in a cup.

Ever so gently, he laid the lamb down.
Where was the keeper, he could not be found.

The staff had been placed, by the entrance of the door.
The sheep had been scattered, now there were only four.

The Shepherd fed them richly, and gave them water to drink.
Then He left them in their place of safety, He must find the other sheep.

With His staff in one hand, He started out alone.
To find His scattered sheep, and bring them safely home.

One by one He called them, for He knew them all by name,
They all came running, for His voice had never changed.

As He brought them closer, to the entrance of the door,
The keeper came running, and fell down on the floor.

Mercy!” he cried, to the Shepherd, “Please don’t send me away.
I promise I’ll do better if you only let me stay.”

The Shepherd was un-moving, as he firmly took His stand.
The keeper would be leaving, according to His plan.

No more would the Shepherd; ever need to leave His sheep.
He promised He would not leave them, for they are His to keep.

The Lord is my Shepherd, the Shepherd of my soul.
To please Him only will always be my goal.

The shepherd placed many keepers, when He had left that day.
Will He find the sheep waiting, or have they been beaten and sent away.

He has given great responsibility, to the keepers of the sheep.
“Protect, guide and feed them”, He said, “For they are mine to keep.”

Penned by: Gleneva Lundmark

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