February 1: Ask, Seek, Knock and let God

This morning, my thoughts are on ASKING God for what is needed. Ask, request IN FAITH, and let God be God. God can and will do the work. God’s will is seen throughout His Word. Yes, His promises are there for you and me to receive by faith. Do you believe His Word? Do you trust God?

If you want God’s will in a matter, ask and seek Him through prayer. Believe His promises written in His Word. Yes, knock and continue to ask through prayer and faith, believe according to His Word, for God is faithful. The way I see it, we have no right, or power, to do anything in the name of Christ that Christ would not do – in our specific situation at that specific time. This is where God’s will come in play. We are to always ask in accordance with His Word. This means that we must discover the will of God — we must BECOME the will of God by submitting our whole selves to Him. We must come under HIS RULE and HIS authority. Yes, we must know His Word, and in doing so, we will get to know Him and His will.

And then – even after we do all of that – we are merely those who DO HIS WILL. We have no right to decide how to take the things of God and apply them to a given situation. In other words, the God given Spiritual Gifts are not to be used for our own personal gain. They are to be used when the Holy Spirit directs and to be used for encouraging and uplifting the body of Christ. The working and power of the Holy Spirit is simply the power and working of Christ in the believer to be used for the glory of God.

The Gifts of God are given under the submission of our own will to God’s will and in obedience to the direction, leading, and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Are you getting this, Christ in us and Christ walking through us. Yes, Jesus said, “my sheep knows my voice”. We must come to the end of our life daily, and it must be HIS VOICE speaking to us and through us in all we do for the glory of the Father in His Son. This is what is truly meant “to be led” by God, His way! Let’s become submissive to the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we submit to God’s will daily. May our mind, emotions, and will daily cry out, “Not my will but yours, Heavenly Father!”. God does and will use spirit-filled believers for His purpose and to fulfill His will.

I will again be looking into false teachings that have been taught throughout the world today. We must beware of the devices Satan uses to entice mankind and entrap them.

One of the new movement teachings is that of commanding God for something or commanding God in doing something. I could not find any scriptural basis for this teaching that of commanding God in any situation. We are to show our love for God in “fear” or respect for Him. We must be obedient to the explicit command that God gives and be sure to honor God for it. For example, look at Numbers 20:10 in regards to Moses when He didn’t glorify God. He did not honor God when God told Moses to speak to the rock once to bring forth water… instead out of anger he hit the rock with his rod twice and brought forth water…because of his disobedience he was punished. When God speaks, it must be obeyed as God commanded.

We are to Ask…Seek…Knock. This includes that of asking and not demanding. When we command something to happen, it is as if by our own hands or power, we can make it happen. We are not to take credit for something God does.

Stated in the Bible, we are to ASK and you will find; ask in prayer with praise, thanksgiving, and worship. Stated in the Bible, we are to SEEK the will of God and continue to seek Him; when you seek God, you will find Him. Yes, seek His presence, His “face” for who He is. Again, stated in the Bible, we are to KNOCK and continue to knock, and the door will be opened to you.

We are to show humility and meekness by asking God in faith in which we will find Gods favor. The fervent prayer of a righteous person is truly noticed by God. There are benefits and advantages in a right relationship with God. God hears and answers the prayers of the righteous. Let me encourage you to continue to ask, continue to seek, and continue to knock with all your mind, heart, and soul. God will show up!

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