February 27: Reflection in the Mirror

I awoke early this morning,
And could not wait to start my day,
It was going to be a grand adventure,
I had lots to do and say.

I hurriedly drank my coffee,
Making my breakfast was no chore.
I was feeling quite giddy,
Until I threw open the bedroom door.

I was abruptly halted,
Stopped there dead in my tracks.
By the image in the mirror,
For a moment I had to step back.

Was that truly my reflection? In the mirror,
 I did gaze,
There appeared in me a great sadness,
It seemed I was very dazed.

My armor was no longer shiny,
It was heavy and did not really fit.
 All around me a battle was raging,
I was taking some pretty bad hits.

My sword and shield I no longer carried,
At my side they hung very low.
The arrow had pierced my breastplate,
The blood from my wounds did flow.

I had taken on a battle,
That was not mine to fight.
I was growing ever so weary,
Tell me there is an end in sight.

“Do I continue in the battle?”
I asked, as I fell to the ground.
My wounds were now bleeding slowly,
As I fell, lying face down.

I cried, “Holy, Holy, Holy,”
As my life blood freely flowed.
Closing my eyes and relaxing,
I was preparing to go.

In disbelief I stood looking in the mirror,
Was all my hope truly gone?
Am I truly losing my battle?
No! Wait, listen, is that a victory song?

With all of my strength I was crying,
“Holy, Holy, Holy”,
And “Worthy is the Lamb.”
My body then became very heavy,
As I lay crumpled on the ground.

The battle cry grew louder and louder,
The ground began to shake.
Then I gave it all to Jesus,

At that moment I completely surrendered,
 My wounds began to heal.
Strength came back into my body,
No Pain did I feel!

I slid to the floor sobbing,
Now lying crumpled on the floor.
Then I heard a soft knocking,
Somehow, I knew my battle would be no more.

I hurried to the door quickly,
As I ran, I dried my eyes.
At the door stood no one,
In my heart I was not surprised.

I ran quickly back to the mirror,
I had to see my reflection to peer deep inside.
I found myself now standing in shining Armor,
Not a wound nor a tear in my eyes.

I faintly could hear myself singing,
A song way deep down inside.
“Holy, Holy, Holy,
Is my Lord God Almighty,”
Was now my battle cry!

What do you see in your mirror?
Every time you happen by?
Do you see a light shining?
Or darkness lurking inside.

God is ready and waiting,
A shining Reflection to give.
He is ready and waiting,
Make all your pain and suffering, HIS!

Our Reflection ‘In the Mirror’ Is not perfect,
Sometimes there is sadness and pain.
That’s when I polish my Armor,
And He the Battle will resume.

God is my reflection in my mirror,
In My mirror of life.
In HIM there is never any darkness,
Always, PEACE, LOVE AND LIFE!       

Written by: Gleneva Lundmark

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