April 18: Building a Relationship with God

My thoughts go to having a relationship with God. We will see that a close relationship exists between prayer, praise, and thanksgiving. The book of Psalm is filled with songs of praise and hymns of thanksgiving, which all are a result of prayer. Thanksgiving is truly the outward expression of the inward emotion from the heart, gratitude.

Thanksgiving is simply giving thanks; an outward expression to God for blessings received. Thanksgiving comes from the inward expression of gratitude, which the soul expresses with an outward expression of praise, born from a heartfelt gratitude of God’s grace and mercy. Yes, the Lord has done great things for us, whereof we are glad. Love is to be in all we do and is brought forth out of gratitude, which breaks out into praise and thanksgiving to God for His mercy endures forever.

When we see answered prayer, it causes gratefulness, which brings forth a love that declares praise and thanksgiving, moving one to an ever-increasing desire to prayer. In other words, moving one to a deeper form of prayer, from the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

As we express a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving for the past things received, our prayers turn to praise and gratitude for the things yet received, which introduces more praying and better praying. Gratefulness is a life opposed to murmuring and complaining. When you are grateful and thankful, always filled with a word of praise, there will be no room for murmuring and complaining.

True prayer promotes a life of gratitude and thanksgiving, resulting from a life of answered prayer and God’s promises. I believe one of the greatest sins of the past and of today is that of a lack of gratitude and thanksgiving. You might say, lack of gratitude and lack of thanksgiving brings forth the lack of prayer and praise to our Heavenly Father, God.

That of forgetfulness of the mercies of God and ungratefulness of the heart (soul) brings forth murmuring and the lack of praise. In other words, thankfulness and gratefulness of God and His love for us will keep us in a spirit of prayer. God desires communication with His creation. I believe prayer is a key that keeps communion between God and man. 1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18, Always be joyful. Keep on praying (NLT).

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