April 19: Trials, Troubles and Tribulation Brings Man toward God

Of most importance this morning, I will continue my thoughts on prayer. Let me start by saying…

Just as prayer brings the answer, so does the answer bring gratitude.

Just as prayer sets God to work, so answered prayer sets thanksgiving to work.

Just as day follows night so thanksgiving follows answered prayer.

Where there is true prayer, you will find thankfulness and gratefulness. A fully consecrated life will be a life of prayer and gratitude, a prayerful life, and a life of thanksgiving. When the spirit of praise is brought back into the individual lives, it will be brought into the house of God (churches). I believe God’s glory will once again be in our midst. As days of old, His very cloud (presence) in our midst; to heal, to deliver and set the captives free.

Again, let me say, the spirit of prayer and true praise go hand and hand, for the spirit of prayer is that of bringing the desire of the heart out, with that of praise and thanksgiving. God created man to praise Him both in spirit and, in truth, from the heart.

In Philippians, prayer is called “requests.” So, prayer is asking for gifts, but it must be accompanied by thanksgiving. The Holy Spirit is the giver of gifts brought to us from our Heavenly Father. Truly, prayer is that of praise and thanksgiving, being thankful for answered prayer.

The promises of God (His Word) are for today. Answered prayer is in the asking, the waiting, the praise of thanksgiving, and from a heart of gratitude for which He has already provided and about to do according to His Word. Trouble is related to prayer in that it often times drives men to pray. Often, prayer is the voice of men in trouble. Prayer is often the very thing that delivers man out of trouble and many times gives him strength to go through the trouble.

Always remember, no trouble in the life of a believer comes without the permission of God and is allowed to exist under God’s divine control with God’s hand on it or in it. Prayer is that which helps us when in trouble. Trouble has no power in itself to interfere with the relationship of a (true believer) saint of God. Job is truly an example of a troubled saint, yet God had His hand on it.

When we pray at all times with praise and thanksgiving, there will be no place in our hearts for complaining. Again, let me say, for the believer in times of trouble; God is always with you, giving you the strength to make it through with a testimony of His faithfulness. God has a purpose for all we go through in life. There are three words that are in the process of divine discipline of every believer. They are practically the same yet different from each other; trial, temptation, and trouble. Let’s take a look at these words.

1. Trial – is that of testing. It is that which proves us, tests us, and makes us stronger and better when we submit to the trial and work together with God in it.

2. Temptation –is a solicitation to evil or sin, arising from the devil or born in the carnal nature of man.

3. Trouble –is that which covers all the painful, sorrowing, and grievous events of life. Yet, temptations and trials can become troubles.

Our victory in these times is to submit patiently to God, knowing that He is working a gracious work within us and that through prayer, we work together with God. The prayer of faith shall heal the sick.

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