Preparing Our Body, Soul and Spirit

Let’s start this morning thought by stating, every Christian has a need and a desire for God’s blessings and favor within their lives. What will it take to see God’s blessings and favor in our lives? There is within every Christian a secret place, a sanctuary that must be prepared for God. Not until this … Continue reading Preparing Our Body, Soul and Spirit

Benefits that Belong to the Believer

In today's thoughts there are benefits as followers of Christ Jesus. We are to do our part in maintaining our Christian walk with Christ. This is to say, we are to consecrate ourselves unto God and His ways for this will become our lifestyle for living.I have noticed throughout America today, it seems as though … Continue reading Benefits that Belong to the Believer

Confession, Believing and Receiving

Good morning to all! This morning as you study the scriptures (find the promises most relevant to your situation) use these four steps in bringing the spiritual realm into the physical realm, where we live in the flesh: 1. Write them down.2. Meditate on these scriptures...pray (ask) for understanding and wisdom.3. Make a confession of … Continue reading Confession, Believing and Receiving