07/31 – Destroying Deception

Let me start this today's thought by asking, What is TRUTH? Understanding Real Truth begins when you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.When you decide to follow Christ, that is “ to become a Christian” to accept Jesus as your personal Savior, you begin to come into the truth.As you follow the Christian way, … Continue reading 07/31 – Destroying Deception

07/30 – God Fulfills His Promise

Let's continue this morning on praying the promise and expecting to see the fullfillment of the promise.In Ezekiel the thirty-sixth chapter we find a promise that is fulfilled by that of prayer, a promise waiting for those that would pray for these “exceeding great and precious promises”…an expectation on the surety of the promise, the … Continue reading 07/30 – God Fulfills His Promise

07/29 – Prayer, Promises, Possibilities

This morning I would like to write on great possibilities of the promises of God; through prayer working together in our lives for the glory of God.For we can say that Prayer and the Promises of God work together. In other words, without the promise, prayer is just words without foundation.The same goes without prayer; … Continue reading 07/29 – Prayer, Promises, Possibilities