Spirit-filled with Christ Authority

Let me state this morning, when Christ comes into your life He changes your thinking and places a new desire within you but we as believers must consecrate ourself unto Him. Remember, Salvation is a gift from God and it is received freely. It is received by faith accepting Jesus as your Savior, believing that … Continue reading Spirit-filled with Christ Authority

We are Heirs “in the Family”

Let me begin today's thought by reflecting on Apostle Paul’s thankful heart for the Church and how Paul prayed that the Church would have a spirit of wisdom. Apostle Paul prayed that the Church would receive or comprehend spiritual truth - “understanding” referring to the ability to apply that insight to the problems of life … Continue reading We are Heirs “in the Family”

God’s Word and Sexual Explicit Behavior

Today's thoughts will bring us to the conclusion on the subject in which the Bible speaks of as sin. Sin is everywhere in today's world with technology being used to infiltrate our mind and hearts. In today's world it is of most important to be determined not to allow things of this world to distract you. Keeping … Continue reading God’s Word and Sexual Explicit Behavior