There is More to Christmas than a Tree

Christmas is a time of caring,Laughing, giving and also sharing.Christ came as a babe in the night,So we could learn how to fight.Each day as His celebration draws near, It’s as if I could almost hear. The Angels proclaim His birth to all,Saying for each of us to heed the call.Christ is coming for all … Continue reading There is More to Christmas than a Tree


I awoke early this morning, And could not wait to start my day, It was going to be a grand adventure, I had lots to do and say. I hurriedly drank my coffee, Making my breakfast was no chore. I was feeling quite giddy, Until I threw open the bedroom door. I was abruptly halted, … Continue reading REFLECTION IN THE MIRROR

The Watchman’s Call

Many have not heeded the call, From the Watchman on the wall. The sword is coming to take the land, The city will not surely stand. The Watchman blew the trumpet for all to hear, The sword is coming the city is in fear. Some, they listened and rushed inside, Others ignored and stayed outside. … Continue reading The Watchman’s Call