Believe What You Pray and See What You Believe

In this letter we will continue on the importance of faith and belief in God’s Word. It is my prayer that ALL who reads this letter, would make a TOTAL commitment to God’s ways. Let’s become committed to the faith and belief in His Word, while building a relationship with Jesus, our Heavenly Father and … Continue reading Believe What You Pray and See What You Believe

God’s Plan for Spiritual Training

God is in control and runs the scoreboard and the clock of life. In this game of life, we are the victors, because Jesus has already won the victory over Satan. There is a game to be played…a battle to be fought in this life and a victory to be won and He wants you … Continue reading God’s Plan for Spiritual Training

Prayer and Faith Works – Together

May this letter bring encouragement as we talk on: Faith and Prayer moves God and only God can move mountains. "And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matthew 21: 22. and Mark 11:22-25 Jesus has given us in Matthew chapter 21 and Mark 11, examples of that of prayer … Continue reading Prayer and Faith Works – Together

Meditating in the Scriptures

Reflecting on the Bible, pondering over the scriptures and placing them in our minds and hearts, is very important in communicating with God and a vital part of prayer. Yes, Bible meditation is vital in answered prayer, for God’s Word is truth and life to the believer and when it is placed in the heart … Continue reading Meditating in the Scriptures

Who We Are “IN CHRIST”

Let’s begin by looking at what it means to be “IN Christ”. You will know one that is “in Christ” when he confesses Jesus. I’m not referring to the confession of sin but confessing – the words of Jesus and His teachings, for the words we say rule us. As the old saying “you are … Continue reading Who We Are “IN CHRIST”

In Search of God

I was up early enjoying the morning rain, sitting under my gazebo in my backyard, pondering over the greatness of God, as I wrote this letter. Let's begin this letter by stating; in this day you will hear all types of people saying God is here, God is there. Following after a new thing or … Continue reading In Search of God

GOD is Our Healer!

Today, as I contemplate over a question that has arisen with much controversy...Can I expect God to heal me today? Let me make it perfectly clear in the beginning of this letter, I do believe that God does heal our physical bodies. Maybe another question should be asked and looked at as we look into … Continue reading GOD is Our Healer!

Asking, Expecting, Anticipation

Prayer is simply to be from your heart and I believe there is a pattern or way to pray that can bring successful results to your prayer. Begin your Prayer with Adoration or Praise to your Heavenly Father, lead into Confession of any sin or wrong doing that may come to mind, begin to Thank … Continue reading Asking, Expecting, Anticipation

Acts – The Holy Spirit-the Power for ALL Things

Yes, I believe Jesus did not leave us powerless. It all comes down to seeking His face. Seeking God and His righteousness. Go after God until He touches you and then never let go. We should always be hungry for more of God. I believe God always has more for the hungry who seeks His … Continue reading Acts – The Holy Spirit-the Power for ALL Things

Thanksgiving and Praise

It is my prayer that this letter helps to open the door to a greater perspective of what it means to be thankful and prayerful in all things. Thanksgiving and praise to God is the very component of prayer that opens the gateway to the glory of God for and in one’s life. Psalms 100:3 … Continue reading Thanksgiving and Praise