In this letter...JESUS WAS AND IS OUR REDEEMER. “Redeem” means - to get back full possession of; to fulfill; to save from being a total failure. SIN (SATAN) WAS THE REASON for Redemption. Without defeating Satan there could be no Redemption. Satan is eternally defeated because of Jesus. Hebrews 9:12 Once for all time he … Continue reading JESUS WAS AND IS OUR REDEEMER.

We are Heirs “in the Family”

In a previous letter we discussed Paul’s thankful heart for the Church and how Paul prayed that the Church would have a spirit of wisdom, or comprehending spiritual truth - “understanding” referring to the ability to apply that insight to the problems of life which comes from God not man. The born again experience, Christ … Continue reading We are Heirs “in the Family”

Discovering the Spirit Filled Life

In this letter let me start by saying, there is another experience in which all believers should desire, after they become born-again. "This is that", in which Jesus said all should receive…the infilling of the Holy Spirit. For it is after they receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, that the believer will be led … Continue reading Discovering the Spirit Filled Life

God’s Plan – The Infilling of the Holy Spirit

In this letter we will bring out more thoughts on the Holy Spirit and His purpose in the believer. The Book of Acts has three great personalities that stand out: the Holy Spirit, the Living Word, and the Name of Jesus. The Word and Jesus are usually identical…you cannot separate the Name from the Man. … Continue reading God’s Plan – The Infilling of the Holy Spirit

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit His Representation and Symbol

In a few previous letters I have written on the Holy Spirit. I felt lead in this letter to expound on this subject and what is meant by being baptized in the Holy Spirit and with fire. John the Baptist said, in Luke 3:16 (NLT) “I baptize with water; but someone is coming soon who … Continue reading The Baptism of the Holy Spirit His Representation and Symbol

Walking in the Spirit

As we learned in a previous letter, confession of sin is a MUST in order to walk in the Spirit but in itself it is not enough to enable the believer to walk or stay in the Spirit. Another important ingredient to walking in the Spirit is to become a yielded vessel, an instrument for … Continue reading Walking in the Spirit

Acts – The Holy Spirit-the Power for ALL Things

Yes, I believe Jesus did not leave us powerless. It all comes down to seeking His face. Seeking God and His righteousness. Go after God until He touches you and then never let go. We should always be hungry for more of God. I believe God always has more for the hungry who seeks His … Continue reading Acts – The Holy Spirit-the Power for ALL Things