Praying with Praise and Thanksgiving

In this letter we will see that a close relationship exists between prayer, praise and thanksgiving. The book of Psalms is filled with songs of praise and hymns of thanksgiving which all are a result of prayer. Thanksgiving is truly the outward expression of the inward emotion from the heart, gratitude. Thanksgiving is simply giving … Continue reading Praying with Praise and Thanksgiving

God’s Plan for Spiritual Training

God is in control and runs the scoreboard and the clock of life. In this game of life, we are the victors, because Jesus has already won the victory over Satan. There is a game to be played…a battle to be fought in this life and a victory to be won and He wants you … Continue reading God’s Plan for Spiritual Training

Thanksgiving and Praise

It is my prayer that this letter helps to open the door to a greater perspective of what it means to be thankful and prayerful in all things. Thanksgiving and praise to God is the very component of prayer that opens the gateway to the glory of God for and in one’s life. Psalms 100:3 … Continue reading Thanksgiving and Praise