To SIN or SIN Not

In this letter we will be covering many scriptures on the topic of, What is SIN? SIN is disobedience of God’s law. SIN is any act that violates or transgresses the religious or moral law of God or the way of righteousness; rebellion of God’s laws; perversion of the heart. Jesus went to the cross … Continue reading To SIN or SIN Not

Christ Took on “SIN” for Our “REDEMPTION”

In this letter, let’s not forget what JESUS came to do for us and what we as believers must do, to continue in Christ. First, let me say, we receive Christ in our hearts and life, simply by faith, accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior and believing in who He was and is for … Continue reading Christ Took on “SIN” for Our “REDEMPTION”

The Price of God’s Favor

Let’s start this letter by stating, every Christian has a need and a desire for God’s blessings and favor within their lives. What will it take to see God’s blessings and favor in our lives? There is within every Christian a secret place, a sanctuary, that must be prepared for God. Not until this place … Continue reading The Price of God’s Favor