Discovering the Spirit Filled Life

In this letter let me start by saying, there is another experience in which all believers should desire, after they become born-again. "This is that", in which Jesus said all should receive…the infilling of the Holy Spirit. For it is after they receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit, that the believer will be led … Continue reading Discovering the Spirit Filled Life

“Christians” are to be a “Holy People”

May I open this letter with this question, what is Holiness? Simply put, Holiness IS a purity of the heart, undefiled, separate from sin. We cannot become holy without the Spirit of God. When the heart (inside) is pure so will our actions (outside). In other words, God cleans up the believer starting from the … Continue reading “Christians” are to be a “Holy People”

Eagerly Desire “Covet” The Spiritual Gifts!

Over the past several letters we have discussed the nine gifts of the Spirit. These gifts are for the church, today. That is to say…”desire” to walk in these gifts as the Holy Spirit leads and directs us. They are in much need of, in and for today’s church; building up the body of Christ … Continue reading Eagerly Desire “Covet” The Spiritual Gifts!