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What is Share Life? 

  • Share Life is people caring for people.  It is a Ministry of one on one. It is a Ministry of caring about people.  Showing care and giving care. 
  • Sharing Life is being genuinely concerned about the everyday cares of people and their lives.  Sharing with them the needs of your own…becoming united in prayer together.  Share Life is about becoming prayer buddies or prayer partners over the concerns of our individual lives for our cities, country and the nations.
  • Share Life Ministry is about having the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

It’s time we care about the other person.  As we look at the life of Jesus we see a man that cared about others.  Jesus had a love and compassion for people.  The Scriptures tell us in Mark’s gospel that after Jesus taught and healed the multitudes, they became hungry.  In His compassion, Christ personally cared for the multitude by teaching them the Word (the truth), healing them of their physical conditions and caring enough for them to feed the hungry.  God cares for His children.  Jesus was all about showing love.  When you take the time to share you let people know that you care. 

What does it cost to share life?  Time and love are the initial investments into ones life.  The invested return will be people giving to others, people who share.  There are many different ways to show you care.  Share Life with a phone call, a visit, or prayer.  Just to know someone is out there and that you are not alone in life. Knowing that someone is calling your name out in prayer can make a world of difference in life. 

You will never know the burdens of other people’s hearts unless you take time to share.  When you take time to share, pray with them, and speak the Word in their life.  Show the love of God to them.  Love them unconditionally.  What does it cost?  Nothing…for God’s love is free for all.            
Take a look at what the scriptures say about the body of Christ. I like how the Amplified Bible translation reads in regards to this topic. 

1 Corinthians 12:18-31 (AMP)
18  But as it is, God has placed and arranged the limbs and organs in the body, each [particular one] of them, just as He wished and saw fit and with the best adaptation.
19  But if [the whole] were all a single organ, where would the body be?
20  And now there are [certainly] many limbs and organs, but a single body.
21  And the eye is not able to say to the hand, I have no need of you, nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.
22  But instead, there is [absolute] necessity for the parts of the body that are considered the more weak.
23  And those [parts] of the body which we consider rather ignoble are [the very parts] which we invest with additional honor, and our unseemly parts and those unsuitable for exposure are treated with seemliness (modesty and decorum),
24  Which our more presentable parts do not require. But God has so adjusted (mingled, harmonized, and subtly proportioned the parts of) the whole body, giving the greater honor and richer endowment to the inferior parts which lack [apparent importance],
25  So that there should be no division or discord or lack of adaptation [of the parts of the body to each other], but the members all alike should have a mutual interest in and care for one another.
26  And if one member suffers, all the parts [share] the suffering; if one member is honored, all the members [share in] the enjoyment of it.
27  Now you [collectively] are Christ’s body and [individually] you are members of it, each part severally and distinct [each with his own place and function].
28  So God has appointed some in the church [for His own use]: first apostles (special messengers); second prophets (inspired preachers and expounders); third teachers; then wonder-workers; then those with ability to heal the sick; helpers; administrators; [speakers in] different (unknown) tongues.
29  Are all apostles (special messengers)? Are all prophets (inspired interpreters of the will and purposes of God)? Are all teachers? Do all have the power of performing miracles?
30  Do all possess extraordinary powers of healing? Do all speak with tongues? Do all interpret?
31  But earnestly desire and zealously cultivate the greatest and best gifts and graces (the higher gifts and the choicest graces). And yet I will show you a still more excellent way [one that is better by far and the highest of them all—love].

We are ALL part of the body of Christ and should begin to function in the body according to God’s plan for each of our lives.  We need each other.

Please feel free to browse this website…the letters and writings are here to strengthen, encourage, and build up the body of Christ. If you would ever need prayer or would like to leave a comment, you may place comments at the end of the posts or prayer requests/comments on the Contact page.

As Always, Love in Christ Jesus
Paul & Gleneva Lundmark