God is Asking – Are You Immediately Obeying?

In this letter, let's continue with another question, God is asking? Are you immediately obeying? Obedience is submission to authority; to follow orders; to fulfill one’s responsibility. Obedience is the very key to receiving from God. God expects His children to be obedient to his Word. When the Lord speaks, do you immediately obey? Matthew … Continue reading God is Asking – Are You Immediately Obeying?

The Five W’s – to Prayer

In this letter we will answer Five Very Important Questions about Prayer. 1. What Is Prayer? Simply put, prayer is communicating with God. Real prayer is expressing our devotion to our heavenly Father, inviting Him to talk to us as we talk to Him. 2. Who Can Pray? Anyone can pray, but only those who … Continue reading The Five W’s – to Prayer