God’s Desire for Mankind – Salvation

In this letter let's look into an in depth study on " Salvation" . Let's begin by asking the question, what is meant by "SALVATION"? The word salvation originally meant "deliverance (from)" or "preservation (in) " dangerous or threatening circumstances. The Bible states in Acts 4:12 "There is salvation in no one else! There is … Continue reading God’s Desire for Mankind – Salvation

Disobedience and Omission

In this letter let’s look at disobedience and omission and what the Bible may say on these subjects. Just as your thoughts attitudes, words and relationships can become hindrances to your “personal revival”; so can disobedience and omission hinder the power of God working within your life. Disobedience is –transgression against God, breaking God’s commandments … Continue reading Disobedience and Omission

Confession – Walking in the Spirit

In this letter, to the believer; to the one who has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her Savior let’s look at “CONFESSION” What it means to “confess” and to whom do you “confess”. Becoming “a Christian” does not make us immune to sin. As a born again believer “a Christian” we have the guidance and direction … Continue reading Confession – Walking in the Spirit