08/14 — Following the Ways of Jesus

Let me begin this mornings thought by making this statement: Morally speaking, a mature person will have the love of Jesus flowing through his life; sharing and caring about people, having love and compassion for his fellow man not following after the things of this world. Matthew 19:21 Jesus told him, “If you want to … Continue reading 08/14 — Following the Ways of Jesus

08/13 – Going Beyond the Basic Principles

In today's thoughts let me say: You will make a choice to follow one of two principles in life… either to follow (Godly) Kingdom principles or follow worldly principles.Principles are the elementary Christian truths taught in the Bible. A Principle is defined as - a basic truth, a rule or standard of good behavior, moral … Continue reading 08/13 – Going Beyond the Basic Principles

08/10 – Answered Prayer

In today's thoughts I will discuss why answered prayer becomes a powerful testimony for God and to man. What is prayer and the reason for prayer? Through answered prayer, praying becomes real and divine. Answered prayer is our assurance that God heard our prayer. For answered prayer brings forth positive results. Answered prayer is the … Continue reading 08/10 – Answered Prayer